Last week at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023, I had the chance to meet a fellow conference emcee who’s just as amazing as they come – Chanukrit Kru Oat Thienkalaya (or Kru Oat to his friends).

Now, let me tell you, our encounter was like a reunion with a long-lost buddy. Right from the get-go, it was crystal clear that we both shared a passion for hosting events and amping up the crowd. The energy in that room? Through the roof as we swapped tales and ideas about our emcee adventures!

We were having such a blast that we couldn’t resist capturing the moment with a selfie. And here’s the kicker – I gave it the funniest title ever: “E=MC².” But not the nerdy science stuff you might be imagining; it’s our own spin on it, “Two MCs with Great Energy Collide!”         

In a world where connections are absolute gold, meeting Kru Oat was pure serendipity. Our shared excitement for what we do is so contagious, and I’m itching to see where this newfound friendship takes us in the wild world of event hosting and emceeing.

Let’s keep rocking those stages, inspiring audiences, and bringing that unparalleled energy that only MCs like us can whip up. Trust me; we’ve got some epic stuff up our sleeves, and I can’t wait to see where our adventures lead us next!

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